About Us

Conway’s Pharmacy located in Eganville ,Ontario, has been owned and operated by Joseph Conway since June 1983. A cornerstone of success has been the long tradition of the pharmacy being a family-owned and operated business. Located adjacent to the south east corner of the Highway 41 bridge, the pharmacy is a place that feels like home for many and has long been a recognized touchstone in the community.

A Storied History

Conway’s is part of the pharmacy tradition that has existed in Eganville since the late 1890’s. The location on Bridge Street has been operated as a drug store or pharmacy since the years immediately following World War I. Mr. D.Ritza came from Renfrew and through the 1920’s with the addition of a partner it was known as the Kidd & Ritza Drug Store. From 1930 through 1972 Mr. A.C. “Cressie” Wilcox operated the pharmacy, and in 1972 it became College Green Pharmacy, owned by Mr.Eugene Krysak.Beginning in June of 1983 through to the present it has been the practice location for Joe Conway and the business has been called Conway’s Pharmacy.

In 1997 the pharmacy underwent a major renovation. The original pharmacy building was demolished and replaced by a modern structure that combined the units from 247 to 255 Bridge Street. In addition, throughout the years the profession of pharmacy has changed from a product focus to a client focus to promote positive health outcomes. A modern, state of the art compounding lab was added in 2009 which allows staff to personalize medications on site.

The Pharmacy Today

Today’s Conway’s Pharmacy has four pharmacists on staff, as well as one pharmacy technician. In addition to prescription and health care services, the pharmacy also offers compounding, the ability to customize a drug in dosage and form to assist clients.

Conway’s operates in a team-oriented practice model where all pharmacists and staff work with the client’s entire health care team to meet each individual’s health care needs.